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Bosch 5 point laser includes five-point degree with factors up and down, front and sides for plumb, level, align and 90° square; precision is +/1/4 In.  In 100 Ft. gets rid of the requirement for 3-4-5 In.  Dimensions in laying a 90° angle.  Smart Pendulum System self-levels, suggests out-of-level locks and condition once switched off.  Compact design permits the device to move anywhere and may be utilized in just about any interior design.  Multi-purpose attachment places the bracket with straps, stitched or stitched mounts (5/8 In. to 11, 1/4 In. to 20).

  • It comes with GPL 5, a multipurpose attachment along with hard carry case and AA batteries.
  • Unit factors up/down and entrance to include squaring to plumb level and align capacities.
  • One-person does the work of two individuals using guide plumb bob.
  • In-track layout makes unit Simple to maneuver, keeps right elevation.
  • Multi-purpose mounting attachment enables unit to be utilized almost anywhere.
  • Smart Pendulum Leveling System – Self-levels, perceptions and signaled out-of level illness, locks once switched off.
  • Projects Plumb, Level, and Square Points – For exact placement of instrument and move of all points for simple and precise transfer and orientation of factors in degree, plumb, square and tier software.
  • Accurately transports and contrasts, level, plumb, 90° square and tier points.
  • Multipurpose Attachment – Ranking and bracket with straps, hooks or threaded mounts (1/4-20, 5/8-11).

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Introduction: With the overwhelming number of portable and handheld ultrasound scanners that are available in the market, it is challenging and daunting for the healthcare professionals to choose the best one out of all. The best option that is available for them is to review and find the right one.

Top 3 review of portable ultrasound scanners that you can have a look here include:

GE Logiq e: This is the most popular ultrasound scanner that is in the size of the laptop is purchased by many healthcare professionals. The price and features offered by this machine are exceptional. The imaging performance for GI, point of care and cardiovascular is top-notch.


The weight of this device would be around 11.5 pounds and is highly durable. This is designed to offer high portability. You can see the images that are of 15 inches on the LCD monitor and transfer the scanned images of the patients to the flash drive.

Chison EBit 60: This is the most powerful yet cost-effective ultrasound scanner perfect for running cardiovascular tests. This is ultra light in weight and the body of this machine is portable and rugged. This uses latest image optimization technology to produce quality images. This will produce high quality and accurate images of various clinical tests like breast, vascular, small parts, radiology, abdominal and cardiology.

GE Voluson I: Many healthcare professionals and sonographers are using this device in their clinics and hospitals. This is best yet portable one available in the market. This offers 4D ultrasound imaging and gives the heart images. This weighs around 11 pounds and would be in the size of a laptop. This is run with the help of a battery. You can use it for point to care applications or fix it in the exam rooms.


Top 3 reviews of handheld ultrasound scanners include:

GE VScan Dual-Probe Handheld: This fits in your pocket and let you to produce images of the internal organs in a jiffy. This diagnostic tool has two ports to house two transducers in a single probe. This has user interface which can be controlled with the thumb. This allows you to capture accurate imaging for specialty care and primary care. You can charge this device and scan for an hour.

DRAMINSKI OPUS D: This is a handheld ultrasound scanner that is powerful and produces high quality images. You can this along with you when you are visiting a patient. This fits in your palm and let you to run the scanning process briskly. This is used to scan superficial organs, pelvic exam, organs of abdominal cavity, lung and blood vessels.


Vscan: This pocket sized ultrasound scanner will help physicians to run the scanning of internal organs in a matter of few minutes. This helps the medical practitioners to visualize the organ functioning and diagnose the patients quickly. This produces color coded blood flow images with just a single touch.

Conclusion: The reviews will help the doctors and hospitals to choose the best ultrasound scanner that is perfect for them to run the tests briskly.

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The most amazing and incredible inventions that will take your home to next level. There are inventions out there that fix a problem you didn’t know you had. Especially if have some cool home inventions around the place. The rolling bench that you can use after rain. By inventing more and more amazing things that make our lives extra comfortable and gorgeous.

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