The Thoughtful And The Tasteful

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Other printed stationery that is both useful and appropriate:

The Ceremony Card

If you are planning an intimate wedding with a small group of family and friends, but are then going to have a bash to celebrate, enclose a ceremony card along with the reception card.

Wedding Announcements

Send these out the day of your wedding to friends who you did not invite to your wedding, but to whom you would like to announce your marriage! The traditional announcement would look like your invitation, in ecru or white paper with black ink – engraved or thermographed in the style of your wedding invitations. Mail in double envelopes.

Gift Received Cards

A gift received card is a helpful and tactful way of acknowledging the gift of your guest without delay, especially if you are having a large wedding or an extended honeymoon. The card acknowledges a gift and notes that a personal thank-you will soon follow.

Personalized Stationery

Traditionally, the bride took on the role of thanking the couple’s guests for wedding gifts. Nowadays, however, the groom is more likely to lend a hand or shoulder the burden. When he does, his monogram should be on cards he is writing, hers on the notes she will write.

Notecards with the married couple’s name, e.g., “Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,” are used by husband and wife for replying to formal invitations, sending thank-you’s, personal notes, or an invitation.

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