Chalkboard String Lights Wedding Reception Only

Chalkboard String Lights Wedding Reception Only

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This sophisticated but rustic wedding reception card features a textured chalkboard background image overlaid depicting strings of white twinkling light strings. I&#;ve used an elegant, swirling script font to render graphics depicting the words "we got married"; on the back I&#;ve placed the word "love". Your own text is easily added for customizing this template as little or much as you wish. Use the template fields to simply enter your personal details, and click to customize further if you&#;d like to re-position any of the unlocked layers. There is a faint, opaque black overlay above the blackboard layer; remove it if you&#;d rather a lighter chalkboard background. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for special requests or for assistance with customization. // // Designed by Melody Watson for Paper Muserie.

Tagged as: light strings accent, trendy wedding design, rustic wedding style, blackboard background surface, post wedding ceremony, wedding reception only, celebrate after the wedding, we got married typography, elegant script font, dark chalkboard texture

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